Car Windshield Multipurpose Long Handle Snow Removal with Brush Ice Scraper Tool

Material: ABS
Color: Yellow
Total Length: approx. 20.67" (52.5cm)
Brush Length: approx. 6.69" (17cm)
Width of the Shovel: approx. 3.86" (9.8cm)
Function: Shoveling ,Brushing, Sweeping
Application: Small, Medium and Large Vehicle.

1.Shovel head: high-strength ABS plastic material, good toughness and will not scratch the car.
2.Shovel and brush in one design, the shovel can be detachable, convenient and easy to use, suitable for various types of cars.
3.Besides removing snow from cars, you can also use it to sweep electric vehicle, bicycle, and house, door, window covered with heavy snow.
5.Long handle design, save more energy, can clean the roof of vehicles more easily.
4.Good quality, portable size, easy to carry and shove snow.

How to Use:
1. Hold the snow shovel handle and make its head close to the windshield.
2. Form an angle of 10 to 70 degrees between the rear side of the shovel head and the glass.
3. Remove the frost or snow from top to bottom or left to right.