19.6FT Garden Misting Cooling System Fan Cooler Patio Water Mister Mist Nozzles

Material:Tube: ABS
Nozzle: Brass


1.The misting nozzles features a sturdy brass body with embed stainless steel guide vane, which can spray fine hollow mist particles, energy and water saving.

2.Misting cooling system directly spray water to cool down in the hot summer weather, no electricity and energy consumption, environmental-friendly.

3.Well made 0.3mm orifice, simple misting system, no air assistance is needed, low cost and high efficiency.

4.Easy installation, completely assembled system installs in less than 10 minutes by following our installation instruction.

5.Widely apply for humidification, outdoor cooling system, epidemic prevention, disinfection, air purification, mist mosquito system, etc. Can be used in garden, swimming pool, water park, landscaping and greenhouse.

19.6FT Misting Cooling System Set:
1 x Internal Thread Faucet Connector
6 x Clips
6 x Nozzles and Bases
1 x Free Spare Nozzle
1 x 6M Tube
1 x End Cap