5 Packs Deago Solar Eclipse Glasses Viewer Safe Eyes Protector August 21th Viewing

Main Features:

  • The BEST Solar Eclipse Event You Ever Watch with Special Galaxy 2017 Edition Solar Eclipse Glasses Share them with your family!

    August 21st, 2017 is a big day for American because the solar eclipse event happens on the continent of the United States. It's proud to wear a pair of American style cool looking solar eclipse glasses - The 2017 Galaxy Edition. In addition to its cool style, this solar eclipse glasses use two very special lens that allow users to view the sun directly with any harmful effect.

  • Features:

    • EXTRA VALUE PACKS & MORE SAVING: Entire set includes 20 pairs of solar eclipse glasses. We added more value to our customers but keep at competitive price.
    • 2017 GALAXY AMERICAN FLAG EDITION: This special design is very unique and cool. The solar eclipse happens in the U.S. It's pound to be an American watching solar eclipse happening in the solar galaxy universe. 
    • DARK EYE PROTECTION LENS: Users are able to view the sun directly without any harmful effect through the special lens installed on the solar eclipse glasses.
    • PRE-FOLDED INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each pair of solar eclipse glasses is pre-folded and is put in the a clear plastic sheet. The plastic sheet protects the lens from scratch.
    • PRICE ARE INCREASING: As August 21st, 2017 is approaching, price for solar eclipse glasses will go up dramatically due to shortage. Order them before price go up can be a huge saving. 
  • How to use:

    Take a way the plastic wrap from each Galaxy 2017 Solar Eclipse Glasses. Wear it like a pair of normal glasses. When you watch the sun directly via the dark filter, the sun color should look like sunset (orange as on the picture). Please take a break if you don't feel comfortable while long-time watching the sun directly.

    Why is our Solar Eclipse Glasses better than others?
    • Special Design: We use Galaxy as the main theme to design this solar glasses.
    • Extra Number of Packs: While we keep the price as low as possible, we increase the number of glasses to our customers allowing them to share with more friends and family members.
    • Nice Package: Each pair of solar glasses are wrapped individually to protect scratches on the glasses