Founded in France in 2009, GALTISCOPIO has been steadfastly following the lifestyle concept of time to enjoy. Combining interpretation of bold and imaginative design ideas without any predetermined constraints. Realizing lifestyle creations that exudes self-confidence and exceptional flair. Featuring brilliant 3-D crystals, delightfully trendy Galtiscopio timepieces never fail to impress. Practical yet as statically appealing, it releases the wearer from the bondage of time, reaching the realm of experiencing timeless perfection each and every moment. Continuing to pursue innovative creativity GALTISCOPIO became a member of an Asian conglomerate in 2016 and ventured into the fashion sector. These strikingly stylish yet elegantly unique designs, were created by female designers for fashionistas, ideally combining fashion and silhouette. GALTISCOPIO designs represent personal taste, originality and refinement. They bring out the sophisticated aura of the female gender, and inspire one treasure every beautiful moment.

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